Featured Runner

Heath Farnsworth-Williams

Last year, my grandmother was diagnosed with cancer, which worked its cruelty very quickly and took her from us in November. I decided to run the Love Run in honor of Mom-Mom. She was endlessly kind and effortlessly graceful to others, and this felt like a perfect way to honor her memory. My custom bib number for the race will be 4MOMMOM!
I love Kelly Drive and MLK Boulevard! The views of the river are phenomenal and you’re always among enough other runners, bikers, and other folks to give it almost a race feel. It doesn’t hurt that’s it’s flat!
I’ve run several half marathons over the past decade and I’m really looking forward to running the Philadelphia Love Run Half Marathon in March.
During my training runs, music is a must.  I don’t think I’d be able to run without music. I’m constantly updating my running playlist on Spotify to keep the music I’m running to fresh and inspiring. One song that always makes the cut is LCD Soundsystem’s “All My Friends.” If anyone’s looking for a playlist to run to, mine is here.