Heath Farnsworth-Williams

 Heath’s Fundraiser Last year, my grandmother was diagnosed with cancer, which worked its cruelty very quickly and took her from us in November. I decided to run the Love Run in honor of Mom-Mom. She was endlessly kind and effortlessly graceful to others, and this felt like a perfect way to honor her memory. My […]

Kyle Glouner

 Kyle Glouner’s Fundraiser Everyone has a reason, this is Kyle’s. “This is my first year running the Philadelphia Love Run and my first half marathon. I’m using it as a stepping stone to train for a half Ironman later in the summer. My career as an ICU nurse has shown me the financial, physical, and […]

Allan Novak

 Allan Novak’s Fundraiser Allan Novak is making it happen. He is running the Philadelphia Love Run Half Marathon for the second year in a row because “I love the energy of the runners and supporting crowds. It reminds me spring is right around the corner and brighter days are ahead”. He’s running with Philly Runs […]

Leroy Miles III

IT professional/ Mentor Leroy’s Fundraiser Personal Interest: To continue to help with mentoring the youth as well as volunteering with different services to help better my community, which is the Strawberry Mansion community. I will also be continuing the motivation to help out all individuals with health and fitness. My Motto “RunThisGame (RTG) This is […]